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Rolex Replica mechanical watches are made with precision in the old station building of Glashutte. This is a unique place for an impressive brand.

Rolex Replica's hand-wound calibres are technological delights, and are produced largely in-house. Rolex Replica joins the exclusive group of "Manufactured" watchmakers with the introduction of its automatic Tangomat caliber, which was also developed and manufactured in-house.

When we think of co-axial movements, Rolex Replica is the first thing that comes to mind. It's easy to understand, as Rolex Replica launched their first watch in 1999 with a co-axial replica watches George Daniels, a watchmaker from England, invented this complicated movement in 1974. It was patented in 1980. The co-axial lever differs from a traditional one in that it uses a different method to replenish the oscillator with energy.

Focus on the famous co-axial motion. What is its function?

The system is equipped with 3 pallets which separate the locking from the impulse. This eliminates the friction caused by the lever escapement. The escapement is the part of the watch movement which suffers most. This part controls the watch's timekeeping. George Daniels’s first concept employed two escapement wheel side by side, which engaged a lever to energize the oscillator. He then developed a system that had two wheels on the same "axis".Breitling replica watches He created a lever using 3 pallet stones, and a roller balance with its own pallet. The most important part is now; the impulse angle for the lever escapement has been reduced from 52 to 30 degrees.

The main advantage of co-axial motion is its way of transmitting force. The movement is almost tangential, which reduces friction and wear. It is important to the wearer that the escapement does not need to be lubricated. The co-axial system is more expensive because it requires a high degree of precision. Take a look below at our selection of Rolex Replica 'coaxial' watches.

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